Director of photography, camera operator, assistant camera, and digital imaging technician.

Students develop a cinematographic framing and lighting style. They learn all the skills they need to do everything from assist the camera operator on set to bring the images in their head to life.

The photography track

After a year of introductory classes, students on the Photography track learn how to shoot fiction and non-fiction films, in studio and on location.

Under the instruction of professional cinematographers, students learn how to frame shots, perfect lighting, use special effects, and work as assistant cameras. They are also taught how to colour grade images, the area where a cinematographer’s signature style shines through most brightly today.

CinéFabrique has camcorders by ARRI (the ALEXA Mini), Panasonic (the VariCam), and Sony (the FS5, FS7, and FS8), lenses by Cooke, Angénieux, and Zeiss, a host of lighting and machining equipment, a photographic studio, and three DaVinci colour grading stations.

Instruction places a strong emphasis on hands-on practice and experimentation. Students work under the guidance of leading industry professionals experienced in special effects, feature-length fiction and documentaries, and filming in studio and on location. Lessons focus on taking an artistic approach and developing a personal point of view.

In third-year sandwich courses, student camera operators explore the workplace at different companies, with time spent shooting (fiction, non-fiction, and TV), working on post-production, and performing technical services.

Students also continue their coursework, building on lessons learned in the second year and in the workplace. In addition, those on the Photography track receive electrical work certification allowing them to work on electrician crews.

Photography instructors :

Agnès Godard
Alain Gaillard
Antoine Héberlé
Arthur Schwarz
Benoit Dervaux
Caïque De Souza
Camille Clément
Caroline Champetier
Céline Bozon
Charlotte Michel
Colin Houben
Colin Levêque
Cyril Lebre
David Chizallet
David Quesemand
Dominique Gentil
Elin Kirschfink
Emmanuelle Collinot
Gordon Spooner

Hélène Degrandcourt
Irina Lubtchansky
Isabelle Razavet
Jacques Pigeon
Jean-Yves Le Poulain
Julie Grünebaum
Julien Hirsch
Laurent Machuel
Léo Hinstin
Lionel Perrin
Lou Vernin
Marie Spencer
Matthieu Poirot-Delpech
Mikael Lubtchansky
Nathalie Durand
Nicolas Gaurin
Nicolas Lebecque
Laurent Andrieux

Laurent Bourgeat
Sebastien Buchmann
Olivier Chambon
Olivier Dassonville
Philippe Guilbert
Philippe Piffeteau
Pierre Millon
Pierric Gantelmi d’Ille
Remy Chevrin
Samuel Lahu
Sophie Lustière
Stéphane Medez
Tom Stern (USA)
Vincent Mathias
Virginie Surdej
Yann Maritaud
Zoé Vink

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