Work-study programme

A job cannot only be learned in school – there must be a connection with the profession itself. Some of the theoretical and practical aspects can only be gained by working in alongside professionals.

During the third year, each student leaves for 3 to 4 work-experience blocks in a company, each lasting from a few days to several weeks. Each time, they can choose to work in a different sector, region or position. The work-study concept is therefore well adapted to the seasonal nature of the work pattern in the film and audio-visual sector.

There are two types of work-study contracts: an apprenticeship contract in partnership with the Formasup training and apprenticeship centre, and the professional training contracts implemented and financed by the profession through AFDAS.

The work-study programme is supported by a group of employers in the film and audio-visual sector (GECA).
The GECA hires the 35 young people in the work-study programme for the entire school year. Then, they are made available to its members depending on their needs: for filming, post-production, project development, technical or production support, etc.

GECA members in 2018-2019:

Agat Films Ex Nihilo – Albertine Productions – Archipel 33 – Asthaté Et Compagnie – Auvergne Rhône – Alpes – Cinéma – Bizibi – Blue Monday Productions – Caminando Productions – Capa Drama – Ciné @ – Cocot tes Minutes Productions – Deuxième Ligne Films – Diaphana Films – Ecole De La Comédie De Saint Etienne – Elzévir Films – Epithete Films – F Comme Films – Fantastico (Quad Tv) – Folle Allure – Gloria Films – La Compagnie Des Phares Et Balises – La Générale Production – La Quinzaine Des Réalisateurs – Les Films Du Kiosque – Les Films Du Lendemain – Les Films Pelléas – Lumières Numériques – Orson Films – Polyson Postproduction – Rectangle Productions – Storia Télévisions – Supermouche Productions – Tapages Et Nocturnes – Tsf – 1001 Productions – 247 Films – 3b Productions

To be part of the GECA :
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