“You can’t trick me!” – Image education project in secondary schools

With the support of the Fondation de France and the Lyon Academic Department, CinéFabrique has set up an image education programme for more than 300 secondary school students in the Lyon area, followed over a period of three consecutive years, from Year 8 to Year 10: "You can’t trick me!" The first version took place between 2016 and 2019. The second version started in September 2019 for 3 years.


“You can’t trick me” aims to provide secondary school students with analytical tools allowing them to distance themselves from the images, speeches and practices disseminated on the Internet.

The project entails supporting 12 secondary school classes over 3 years through image education workshops combining practice and analysis.

The workshops use a gradual approach, following the pace of the students’ schooling year after year from Year 8 to Year 10, starting with the challenge of fabricating a rumour, then a conspiracy theory, and finally a propaganda film.

The project questions the intentions of the person producing the content, as well the person disseminating or sharing it.

The aim is to enable students to analyse formal and discursive processes and to gradually understand the common mechanisms and differences between each device.

By manipulating stories, information, images and sounds themselves in an entertaining way, students can understand how situations that are spontaneously played out in the playground can be broadly reproduced in the social sphere and intentionally at an ideological level.


More than 350 stakeholders are involved in the project each year: secondary school students, the teaching staff, CinéFabrique students in their second year, mentor directors, and a reflection and monitoring committee comprised of educational thinkers, academic contacts and partners of the Fondation de France.

For the first version, 12 classes participated in the project in five secondary schools in the city:
– Le collège Brossolette à Oullins
– Le collège Les Iris et le collège Jean Jaurès à Villeurbanne
– Le collège Longchambon et le collège Victor Grignard à Lyon 8e

En 2019, la deuxième saison impliquera 12 classes et 6 collèges :
– Les Iris à Villeurbanne (2 classes)
– Jean Jaurès à Villeurbanne (2 classes dont une SEGPA)
– Victor Grignard à Lyon 8e (2 classes)
– Georges Brassens à Décines-Charpieu (2 classes)
– Lucie Aubrac à Givors (2 classes)
– Brossolette à Oullins (4 classes dont une SEGPA)

Each year, CinéFabrique students lead 13 two-hour sessions with secondary school students, providing both a critical and a practical analysis of the production.
The productions made with the secondary school students can be films, soundtracks, photographs, videos, multimedia objects, etc.
This practice allows them to realise to what extent a video or even a sound or a simple image can be manipulated.

CinéFabrique students are supervised by mentor directors. Between sessions, they are supported by a monitoring committee that is comprised of various players in the field of education.

CinéFabrique manages the project from an educational, artistic and organisational point of view, and also provides the material, equipment and means for filming and post-production.

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Aperçu des films réalisés en 2018-2019

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