CinE-Learning is an online training platform allowing a more flexible interactive and collaborative pedagogy that aims to consolidate the theoretical and technical knowledge of students.

CinE-learning is an interactive, collaborative, technically and pedagogically innovative e-learning platform for students of CinéFabrique and partner schools abroad.It is a more adapted, more discursive, more progressive training that meets the pedagogical needs of each student, allowing them to refresh their knowledge in order to give them a common base of knowledge. By relying on the use of new technologies, CinE-learning allows a more flexible pedagogy.

Vidéo promo e-learning english version from La CinéFabrique on Vimeo.

The contents

The e-learning modules are designed in blended learning, i.e. in complementarity with professional speakers.

An interactive and collaborative platform

These modules are created by professional contributors, educational designers and the school’s students. The entire CinéFabrique is involved in the development of this collaborative project, which offers 150 teaching modules in image, editing, sound, script and production, corresponding to approximately 75 hours of learning.

For the development of the CinE-learning platform, CinéFabrique is supported by Pimenko, a company specialising in digital and e-learning training.