Although more and more young producers today come from business schools, our curriculum focuses on the artistic and human dialog between an art project and the people who work on it – which in film and television include the producer, production manager, and studio manager. Production also requires an understanding of law, finance, organisation, and art.

The production track

After a year of introductory classes, students on the Production track learn how to produce and manage production for film, television, and new media.

Under the instruction of professional producers, students gain a high-level view of the audio-visual industry and its financing, roles, and contributors, both in France and internationally. They analyse the market and learn to produce films and audio-visual projects in a variety of contexts, from working with directors to finding funding to actually creating and promoting a work. Students also learn how to run a production company and invent innovative production methods.

Under production managers, students learn to manage the preparatory, shooting, and post-production stages of an audio-visual project. Instruction places a strong emphasis on a variety of hands-on exercises under the guidance of instructors who are working professionals, with additional artistic support from directors and editorial lines.

In third-year sandwich courses, students on the Production track explore production in the workplace at different companies (production companies and placements by the CNC). They also continue their coursework, building on lessons learned in the second year and in the workplace.

Graduates of the Production track may enrol in the incubator programme and continue taking advantage of the school’s work spaces, educational resources, and equipment for an additional year, affording them the opportunity to work on a professional project. (Note: Students do not earn a degree from the incubator programme.)

Production instructors :

Agnès Fanget
Alice Girard
Anne-Claire Créancier
Benjamin Lanlard
Carine Ruszniewsky
Christian Lambert
Christophe Anzoli
David Coujard
Denis Carot
Denis Freyd
Emmanuel Bernard
Flore Poinsard
Fabrice Préel-Cléach

Frederic Sauvagnac
Gregory Faes
Jean-Christophe Reymond
Jean Des Fôrets
Jérémie Chevret
Jérôme Duc Maugé
Julie Flament
Kristina Larsen
Lucie Fichot
Marc-Antoine Robert
Marianne Desmoulin
Marie Dubas

Maud Huynh
Muriel Meynard
Nadine Chaussonnière
Nicolas Anthomé
Patrick Sobelman
Philippe Saal
Rémi Pradinas
Robin Robles
Thierry Garrel
Valérie Legrain-Doussau
Vincent Roullet