A film training course in Bangui

CinéFabrique and the Alliance Française have been working together for several months on the design of a cinema training course in Bangui.
5 courses to train future film professionals in Scriptwriting, Production, Image, Sound and Editing.
The entrance exam has just ended and 35 young people have been selected to participate in this training course which will start in early 2021. After a few weeks in the common core curriculum, each student will enter his or her own speciality. Joint projects are also planned in order to allow a transversal approach to learning.

Practical work is the center of the teaching method and contents are adapted to the specific needs of the students. Former students as well as teachers from CinéFabrique will provide the training on site.

Filmmaker Boris Lojkine, coordinator of the project, emphasises the pleasure of meeting all these young Central Africans, who show magnificent enthusiasm, desire and energy.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the European Union.