Audio engineer, audio assistant, audio editor, mixer.

Students receive a comprehensive education, not only in audio recording (for fiction and documentaries for film and television), but also in audio post-production.


After a year of introductory classes, students learn audio recording and post-production. Under the instruction of professionals, they practice sound recording, boom operation, sound editing, and mixing for film and television. They are also introduced to music recording.

The school features professional equipment including Schoeps microphones and Cantar, Nagra, and Sound Devices recorders. CinéFabrique also owns professional post-production equipment and software (Pro Tools, Avid), 18 individual editing suites, 4 dubbing stages, and a screening room.

Instruction places a strong emphasis on extensive hands-on practice and experimentation supplemented by theory and technical lessons.

Students are taught by professionals from all audio fields and specialities. Lessons emphasise the artistic approach and developing a personal style for achieving a director’s intentions.

In third-year sandwich courses, students explore the workplace by working in audio recording and post-production at different companies, with time spent shooting, editing audio, mixing, and working at technical services companies. Students also continue their coursework, building on lessons learned in the second year and in the workplace.


Anne Dupouy
Arnaud Rolland
Arno Forest
Aymeric Dupas
Béatrice Wick
Brigitte Taillandier
Clément Trahard
Cyril Richard
Daniel Deshays
Daniel Sobrino
David Rit
Delphine Dhilly
Delphine Saltel
Dominique Gaborieau
Eddy Laurent
Edouard Morin
Emmanuel Bouissiere
Eric Devulder
Erwan Kerzanet
Francis Wargnier
François Abdelnour
François Gueurce

François Mereu
Guillaume Chevalier
Harold Hennequin
Hervé Buirette
Ivan Dumas
Jean-Baptiste Haehl
Jean Louis Rioual
Jean Paul Mugel
Jean Pierre Duret
Jerôme Wiciak
Julien D’esposito
Julien Sicart
Juliette Heintz
Kevin Bourgin
Marie Mougel
Matthieu Tibi
Mehdi Ahoudig
Mourad Louanchi
Nicolas Mas
Nicolas Moreau
Louis Molinas
Lucien Balibar

Ludovic Escallier
Olivier Guillaume
Olivier Le Vacon
Olivier Mauvezin
Olivier Touche
Pascal Despres
Philippe Deschamps
Philippe Richard
Philippe Welsh
Rafaël Mouterde
Roman Dymny
Rosalie Revoyre
Rym Debbarh-Mounir
Samuel Lévy-Micolini
Stéphane Brunclair
Thierry Delor
Thomas François
Véronique Macary
Vincent Vatoux
Yolande Decarsin
Yves-Marie Omnes