From Writing to Directing

CinéFabrique is hosting a continuing education workshop for 10 performers and industry workers with French intermittent du spectacle status.


  • Participants will:
    Write and develop a fictional, feature-length screenplay
    Work with screenwriters and directors to develop a draft that will be polished during the workshop
    Develop directing perspectives as early as the writing stage
    Take 3 continuing education classes in 10 months in:
    I. Writing
    II. Stage Direction
    III. Directing

Target audience

Established directors, film professionals, filmmakers, film workers with French intermittent du spectacle status
10 participants


Film professionals must have already written and directed at least one short film receiving an advance from the Centre National du Cinéma or selected for at least 2 festivals.
Applicants must submit a director’s statement and an explanation of at least 10 pages.

Workshop Objectives

Using a screenplay, participants will:
Learn the basics of screenwriting (genre, structure, storyline, characters, dialog, etc.)
Expand their imagination through external critique throughout the writing process
Include directing perspectives in the writing stage
Combine the writing of dialog scenes with stage direction
Experiment with directing perspectives
Learn how to pitch and defend their project
Learn how to analyse screenplays critically

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