In the second year, students begin specialising in the field they chose at the time of enrolment: screenwriting, production, photography, audio, or editing.
With a student-to-teacher ratio of 7 to 1, students are able to hone their theoretical and applied knowledge.
At the same time, students continue taking interdisciplinary courses in topics like cinematographic culture, directing, and stage direction and teaching visual image classes to secondary school students.
As in the first year, students make a number of films in a range of genres (documentary, fiction, period films, fantasy with special effects, comedy, music videos, etc.), sometimes in partnership with other schools.
The second year is also when students enterCiné Nomad School, our major international film programme..

Upon completion of the CinéFabrique curriculum, students receive 120 ECTS credits equivalent to a French diplôme universitaire in Film and Multimedia Techniques and Practices, gaining them entry into the French licence professionnelle programme in year 3.