The five curricula


Students in this course are trained to become Scriptwriters (fiction and documentary), co-scriptwriters
Writing of fiction and documentary scripts, as well as the writing of innovative types of scripts such as multimedia, TV series, documentaries scripts… Openness to all film genres: musicals, thrillers, investigations…

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Students in this course are trained to become filmmakers, motion picture producers, assistant directors, staging assistants
Additional courses include law, financial, organizational, and artistic teachings. As more and more young producers are coming out of business school, this courses put human and artistic discussions at the centre, between an artistic project and all the staff involved in its making.

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Students in this course are trained to become Head cameramen, cameramen, and camera assistants
Each student must be able to give their cinematographic views on the frame and lightning, and able to technically implement their artistic bias while trading as a camera assistant when on the set.

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Students in this course are trained to become sound engineers, sound assistants, sound editors, and sound mixers.
This is a comprehensive training as students are trained not only in sound recording (fiction, documentary), but also in audio post-production: mixing and sound editing.

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Students in this course are trained to become film editors-in-charge, assistant editors
Students acquire technicality and especially a sense of narration, rhythm for fiction and documentary as well. Teachings provided include creation techniques in interactive and multimedia writings and introduction to special effect pre-production.

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Transversal courses

Courses offered to students throughout the three-year training period include directing actors, staging, the theory of cinema, film critical analysis, openness to the outside world, and English.