The CinéFabrique is a national higher education film and multimedia school that provides a free and graduating initial training course for 3 years. Established in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the school is accessible through a national competitive exam.

As the school is concerned with parity, 30 students (equal number of men and women) are trained in the 5 following trades: scriptwriting, production, image, and editing.

The CinéFabrique wishes to develop an innovative and experimental pedagogy that allows students to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge that will make their corporate integration easier.
This school of practice is also a school of “faire ensemble” (joint working), since filmmaking is an art conceivable only as a team-spirited achievement. Through its recruitment procedures, the school aspires to benefit from the diversity of student profiles.

Practical courses are provided by internationally well-known professional lecturers not belonging to the school. Theoretical courses are offered by research teachers from Université Lumière Lyon 2. This training is attested by a degree issued by the school and by a Licence professionnelle (professional bachelor’s degree) awarded by Université Lumière Lyon 2 as part of our partnership.

The president of the CinéFabrique is Philippe Vayssettes the presdient of honor is the filmmaker Abderrahmane Sissako. The headmaster of the school is the filmmaker Claude Mouriéras.