CineFabrique Yangon

CinéFabrique was asked by Myanmar filmmakers in the Forever Group, an independent media company, for help in founding a similar film school locally. The school will be called CinéFabrique Yangon.

Myanmar’s film industry experienced a golden age in the 1950s but collapsed under the subsequent 50-year dictatorship. Though the country has recently reopened to the world, its film industry remains fledgling and suffers from a lack of producers, filmmakers, sufficiently skilled technicians, and experienced performers.

To address this need, Forever Group, CinéFabrique, and their partners decided to open an independent international film school offering a top-notch education to train future filmmakers, technicians, and performers.

The mission of CinéFabrique Yangon is eventually to train enough youth to revive the country’s film industry, with the goal of reaching international markets. Students will take classes in a specific department, choosing from Directing/Screenwriting, Production, Photography, Audio, Editing, and Performance. Basic coursework will take 2 to 3 years.

CinéFabrique Yangon will also offer short weeks-long workshops each year aimed at professionals in Myanmar who wish to enhance their cinematographic skills.